The POC Agency

Performance accelerator

  • A team to understand and optimize your IS
  • Support for the entire project life-cycles
  • A partner to cross the web and digital step
  • Experienced experts, able to manage R&D complex projects
  • Understanding and packaging Open Source softwares
  • Creativity and innovation to realize digital POC

The POC Agency - service responsibility quality support assistance guide
Technologies / stack : HTML5 CSS3 PHP5 JS jQuery Bootstrap JAVA JEE Zend

Web & mobile

Web-responsive applications
Based on the best and newest web technologies
100% business : secured and scalable
From needs analysis to production launch
Web hosting and maintenance

Consulting advices strategy POC prototypes

IT Consulting

Strategic and organizational advices to optimize your IS
Management and support of strategic projects
Ability to integrate old and complex software infrastructures
Implement digital POC
Test feasibility and value of innovative tools

Decision support system statistics data Ph.D. innovation belief function theory

R&D et statistics

High level academic training (Ph.D.)
Processing large amounts of data
Implement innovative and statistic-based algorithms
Imperfect data modeling and processing
Partnerships with research labs

Why do you need a IT professional?

An obsolete (or missing) information system?

Your IS is obsolete if you recognize these cases:

  • You edit and manipulate data with a standard office automation software (ex. : Excel for email addresses)
  • Your information is stored in shared directories, without any control or backup
  • Your websites are not web-responsive (smartphones or tablets adaptative)
  • Your communication is missing or negative on social networks

The POC Agency helps you to:

  • Implement software solutions adaptable to all business areas
  • Create Internet and Intranet websites: from a showcase page to an e-commerce website
  • Develop your mobile and tablet apps
  • Manage huge emailing and telemarketing campaigns
  • Create and manage your digital identity
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The POC Agency - Tailor-made software solution intégrator
A customized CRM solution for managing your customers and prospects
Use case

Lost in the your prospect and client management?

Small, medium, or large-sized enterprises? Whatever your size, you need a customer relationship management software, to:

  • Listen and know your customers, organize and segment exchanges (from first contacts to invoices)
  • Standardize and control your communication channels
  • Centralize information in one secured application
  • Access all customer records in a few clicks, from anywhere, on mobile or tablet

Within days, we can assist you in choosing and installing a solution for your business!

The POC Agency? More
The POC Agency

Example of recent POC:

The POC Agency has multiple skills and knowledges to implement quickly and inexpensively any type of POC (Proof of Concept).

  • Avoid prematurely costly internal skills without prior solution or technology testing
  • Facilitate know-how transfer in your teams

Example of recent POC:

SSO solution

Profile authentication and authorization

Time: 6 weeks
  • Stack: OpenAM solution
  • Benchmark and advices
  • Open Source Development
  • SSO connexion
  • Completed documentation


Recording and broadcasting live events

Time: 6 months
  • Stack: Wowza Media Server
  • Live playback
  • Displaying banner ads
  • Communicate with a REST API
  • High scalability: Amazon WS


Set up an online conversational platform

Time: 2 months
  • Stack: Ejabberd + Converse.js
  • Configure chat server
  • Automated reporting
  • Robot automatic replies
  • Customizable opening hours
R&D - For and by the research

Applied research and complex applications

Trained in leading graduate schools of engineering or with Ph.D. in Computer Science, our experts are able to understand and implement any kind of complex algorithms. Working with partner universities and with research valorisation and TOT structures, The POC Agency, an ideal interface between academic works and the applications:

  • Realization of decision support systems
  • Imperfect data processing
  • Statistics
  • Regression algorithms
  • Mastery and use of statistical theories (eg. : belief function theory)

Example of expert system realized by The POC Agency:

With Lille2 University and ''SATT Nord'' (the new French Leading tech tranfer system), we developed and maintain the decision support system for forensic entomology experts: Unique, this system supports experts in death estimation:

Discover the DSS ForenSeek | Lille2 - IML - ForenSeek Discover
From Lille to Amsterdam

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